Changing Project Frame Rate In Final Cut Pro

Background Info on Frame Rate. The term frame rate comes from the days of film cameras. When you took a photograph it would capture an image, but that image was…

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Change the way you see your websites

The way you view your website is important. The way you see your website can also change the way it performs. This article will walk you through the different ways…

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Change Location on Hulu

lets you watch TV shows and movies on in the USA, even when you're in the UK, Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world. The problem is that…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos and Making Them Look Professional

If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you need to put out high-quality content. That means taking the time to edit your videos and make them look professional. A…

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Dominant weapons, characters and items through gaming seasons

It is interesting to think about how video games change and develop over time. Some weapons, characters and items become dominant in certain gaming seasons, while others fall by the…

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